Etching (diamond etching) is a lettering technique that is ideal for designs requiring great detail. Using a number of different tools, our company artist is able to give maximum detail and contrast that was previously not possible with sandblasting alone. This allows desired designs to be reduced in size yet still maintain the characteristics for which they were chosen. Diamond etching often times gives the viewer the impression of a black and white photograph. When maximum detail in a minimum amount of used space is required, etching is the answer.

Creating a memorial

    Who is the Memorial for?
  • Individual
  • Companion
  • Husband or Wife
  • Family

    Where is the Memorial going?
  • Cemetery
  • Park
  • Building

    Are there any requirements?
  • Regulations on style, size or finish
  • Permit fees
  • Position of names
  • Design requirements

    Do you have anything in mind?
  • Initial thoughts and expectations

    Your memories and reflections?
  • Important lettering & design elements you would like incorporated?

    Your budget expectations?
  • What budget range do you and your family feel financially comfortable with?

This is your opportunity to create a personalized memorial that is a reflection of your loved one’s life.
Your patience and reflection ensures that important and special details aren't forgotten.